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Monday 1st October 2012

Cardiff Docks World War Two Home Front?

Can anyone help with this one?

Calling all World War Two Home Front experts and/or Cardiff Docks historians. We are trying to confirm the origins of the badge illustrated.   The badge bears the crown and would appear to be a blank  base metal issue upon which letter and number codes have been stamped. It  was once worn by Mr Gabe who worked for Guest Keen Baldwins in Cardiff Docks and it is strongly believed he wore it in an ARP type role at the factory during the Second World War.

Consulting our good friend and expert on the subject Jon Mills we are still in the dark as to the clear information regarding the item. Jon writes "Afraid I cannot tell you much about this badge. Officially no badges in WW2 other than the official ones for ARP etc were supposed to have the crown. This looks to me more like a WWI badge than WW2 as crowns then were much more common on such badges. I would hazard a guess that the markings indicate Cardiff (Docks) Gate One, the 0013 being the man's personal badge number. "

We would love to confirm the origins of this item -if you can help us in any way  please email us.

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  • Jeremy Turner

    11 Sep 2016 - 5:05am

    I also have one (identical but with the writing 'CG3 2299')...... believed to be a WWII Special Constable badge for a town/borough that did not have its own constabulary or force. That is why it has a King's Crown but no coat of arms or crest. But then again, I have no proof of this ....

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