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Friday 7th September 2012

Manufacturer or just Supplier ?

When is a maker not a maker

In our archive for those who kindly list their badges one of the elements is the space for 'manufacturer'.  We are happy for members to include any information they may have regarding this complicated element.

In the badge world this can often be more than one company. In the case of button badges there might be a designer, printer, supplier and the company who actually put the bits together. In the case of enamel badges sometimes the backstamp can be misleading.

When an unusual backstamp is found more than likely it is a jeweller or similar outlet . They have their name applied to the rear so that users/wearers are aware of them and may order more badges through them. In other words the backstamping acted as an advertisement for his services. In the case of the badge illustrated -the backstamp on a bog standard school  'Prefect' badge reads 'Philip. Son & Nepw Liverpool' These badges were most likely made up in Birmingham and the ‘real’ maker has applied the name 'Philip. Son & Nepw Liverpool' to the rear and would hope to supply more badges to them in the future. This was not uncommon and often explains ‘unusual’ backstampings.

Therefore when using our archive be aware that any names under 'manufacturer' may only be part of the history of that badge and may simply be the supplier.

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Frank Setchfield is the author of The Official Badge Collectors Guide from the 1890s to the 1980s and has written countless articles on badges for various publications.

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