Need to borrow some badges for a project?

The Badge Collectors Circle is happy to help fashion, design, and performing arts businesses film directors or anyone else with the supply of badges. We can either loan them to you or sell direct.

Over the years we have helped numerous businesses with projects such as covers for books, magazines, CDs etc. We have supplied badges for television and film dramas. Several interior designers have used our badges for their special design projects. We have even supplied badges for one fashion designer who created clothes using badges for London Fashion Week.

Frank has also written articles for several magazines over the years.

If you have a project and want our help please contact us.

Previous Projects

Supergrass 2004 ten year compilation album


Supergrass 2004 ten year compilation album. The cover designers ‘Blue Source’ worked with Frank to produce a retro style image using a mixture of original badges and new designs with a retro feel.

Royal Mail Yearbook of stamps 2008


Royal Mail Yearbook of stamps 2008 - design work by True North. The Badge Collectors Circle supplied the badges which were selected from thousands to suit the cover and interior design

Mountain of badges


Frank has often been asked to cover himself in badges! This shot has him appearing out of a ‘mountain’ of badges for a magazine article in the late 1990s.

Drew Gardiner Photography


Working for photographer Drew Gardiner was fun-his photo can be found on It took about six hours to pin this lot on!

Creative Review Magazine


Creative Review Magazine January 2004 – Gavin Lucas produced an excellent article on badges-featuring many supplied by the Badge Collectors Circle

The Sunday Times Magazine


The Sunday Times Magazine loaned badges from the Badge Collectors Circle in 2004 to illustrate an article on the Miners dispute and other militant campaigns of the 1980-90s

Pop Art Interior Design


Framed up groups of old button badges make great original collective art.  The classic 'Happy Eater' design of the 1980s was made in the millions all 38mm and there is something of a Warhol effect when you pin them together. Happy Eater always looked like he was making himself sick after eating all that junk food!

Promotions & Incentives Magazine


 Promotions & Incentives Magazine produced a couple of articles using our badges

Frank's Classics Box


What makes a classic badge? It is a badge or type that we can all remember –a prefects badge, Cycling Proficiency, Blue Peter, Tufty Club, Guides, Scouts, Punk rock, Save the Whale etc